Fluffy Cinnamon Pancakes Recipes

Quick and easy cinnamon pancakes recipe, made with simple ingredients. These fluffy pancakes are so airy and soft and perfect for Fall & Thanksgiving.

cuisine: AMERICAN
calories: 204 KCAL
author: CAKEWHIZ

2 Eggs Large
1/2 cup Vegetable oil Or any other light, flavorless oil
2 cups Milk Whole or 2%
2 cups All-purpose flour
4 tsp Baking powder
4 tbsp Granulated sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon powder
Cinnamon Topping
1 cup Granulated Sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 cup Butter Unsalted, Melted

1. In a mixing bowl, add eggs, oil, milk and mix everything together. Keep aside.

2. In another mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon powder.

3. Dump this dry mixture into the wet mixture and mix until just combined. If there are some little lumps, don't worry about them and make sure not to over-mix!

4. Let this pancake batter rest at room temperature for 7-10 minutes.

5. Heat a nonstick pan or griddle over medium heat and lightly grease it with butter or oil.

6. Pour batter in a circle pancake mold or just directly onto the pan by 1/4 cup scoops.

7. Let the pancake cook on one side until it's bubbly. Then, flip it over and cook the other side for about 1 minute or until golden brown.

8. Let the pancakes cool down for about 10 minutes.

9. Make the cinnamon sugar by mixing together sugar and cinnamon in a wide plate or bowl.

10. Brush each pancake with melted butter.

11. Coat them in cinnamon sugar and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Read all my tips above.
Tastes best when served fresh but leftovers can be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 1 day.

Source : cakewhiz

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