Salted Caramel Snickers Salad Recipe

Salted Caramel Snickers Salad Recipe
  • SNICKERS 6 Pack, Singles (Use 4, reserve 2 for final step)
  • 4 Medium Granny Smith Apples
  • 2 cups whole grapes (about 1½ bunch)
  • 3.4 ounce. box Vanilla pudding, dry
  • (2) 8 ounce. containers cool whip
  • (2) 6 ounce containers vanilla yogurt
  • ⅓ cup caramel topping
  • ⅛ teaspoon sea salt
  1. Pour yogurt into large bowl. Pour vanilla pudding packet overtop. Stir to combine until mixture is free of lumps.
  2. Mix cool whip into yogurt mixture until well combined. Keep bowl refrigerated until final steps.
  3. Chop apples into medium sized chunks and slice grapes in half.
  4. Chop SNICKERS bars into medium pieces. I found it easiest to cut them in half lengthwise, and then cut 4 to 5 times across.
  5. Mix all ingredients together and incorporate thoroughly.
  6. Combine sea salt and caramel topping. Pour into a squeeze bottle or into a container with a spout. If you have neither on hand, it's best to drizzle with a large spoon.
  7. Chop the two remaining bars and sprinkle across the top of the salad. Then drizzle caramel mixture over top.
Recipe source: savorandsavvy

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